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About the Firm

Real-Talk Executive Coaching & Mentoring is a firm focused exclusively on coaching, developing, and mentoring professional women in the workplace. While there are shared experiences that all managers and executives face in Corporate America regardless of gender, there are pathways that women leaders trod that are unique and can be challenging without “a village” and experienced supporters to help navigate the journey. Transparency, real-talk, extensive leadership insight, personal lessons learned, practical tools, and accountability are what you can expect from your sessions with our Real-Talk Executive Coach, Angelia Pelham.


Founder, CEO, Executive Coach

Our Executive Coach is a 30 year Human Resources Executive who is both a woman and a woman of color and has experienced both successes and ‘barriers to entry’ throughout her time in the corporate arena. At times experiencing resistance and isolation, Angelia realized that the C-suite was often a lonely place for women. Additionally, she found that organizations still struggle to give women the feedback they need to break through to the next level in their careers. Angelia has participated in countless talent planning discussions and witnessed consistent themes limiting females in the workplace. With her deep expertise in leadership development using technical tools, proven models, personal stories, and allowing for self-discovery, Angelia seeks to empower women to maximize their strengths and minimize their leadership gaps to break through and own their destiny. Women in the workplace are not victims but victors, and with the right feedback and coaching, they can be REAL game-changers for their organization.

Companies are realizing their own unintended biases, and women are being empowered to bring all of who they are to the table.


What Differentiates Real-Talk Coaching & Mentoring from every other


We Coach Across all 9 Boxes of the Talent Planning spectrum. Offering a Coaching Package to a New Hire at the onset of her employment can be part of your Competitive Differentiation as an Employer of Choice.